We are the Crichton University Campus Student Association or CUCSA for short. If you attend one of the universities on Dumfries’ Crichton Campus we are your social hub for events, sports and info. We represent students from the two main institution on campus, both the University of Glasgow and University of the West of Scotland and welcome those from the University of the Highlands and Island, Scottish Rural University College and those studying through the Open University with courses based in Dumfries.

This year your 2015/2016 CUCSA team is:

Henriette Scholz

Marketing Officer VP:
Kieran Flood

Assistant Marketing Officer:
INFILLED for 2016

UNFILLED for 2015/2016
(temporary contact for Secretary matters: Kieran Flood and Henriette Scholz)

Social Convener:
Iona Henderson

Assistant Social Convenor:
Kirsty Cant
Jemma Lewis
Mirin Benzie
Andrew Gillian

Charities Officer:
Stephen Thomas Bate

Non- Titled Executive Members:
Jonna Rinne
Samuel Glendinning

Sports, Clubs and Societies Officer:
Becky Adams

Assistant Sports, Clubs and Societies Officer:
Duncan Lewis


For our 2015/2016 term we have a number of roles which are currently unfilled including our Secretary. If you are interested in any of these roles then please get in touch for details of our interim elections taking place in the new academic term. 

CUCSA are always happy to have new and enthusiastic members. You don’t need to have experience, all we look for is enthusiasm and great ideas. It is a fantastic way to get involved with university life and allows you to have a big voice on campus. By  joining CUCSA you get to meet new people, build your skills set and it looks great on your CV. So what are you waiting for? Join us today…

If you want to get involved, have any suggestions, queries or questions you can approach any of the CUCSA team or email us at mail@cucsa.org.uk and if we don’t have an answer for you we’ll be sure to find someone who does.


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