CUCSA is run by a committee who are elected by the students at the Crichton campus. Elections are held twice a year, in spring and autumn, and committee members are elected for a term of 12 months. More detail on what each role entails can be found here.

The current committee are:

Iona Henderson

Vice President Social Media and Marketing Officer:
Mirin Benzie

Vice President Secretary:
currently UNFILLED
(temporary contact for Secretary matters: Mirin Benzie, Iona Henderson)

Social Convener:
Jemma Lewis

Sports, Clubs and Societies Officer:
Becky Adams

Charities Officer:
Kirsty Cant

Assistant Social Media and Marketing Officer:
Ian Park
Stephen Bate

Assistant SocialĀ Convener:
Andrew Gillian

Assistant Sports, Clubs and Societies Officer:
Duncan Lewis

Staff Member:
Amy Koyman

If you want to get involved, have any suggestions, queries or questions you can approach any of the CUCSA team or message us at our Facebook.


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