Student Help and Resources

7090078179_06f22f7855_bIf you have issues during your time at university there are plenty of people to help. Both universities have an extensive system of student reps who look after student interests at every level of the university from class issues right up to entire student body level.

There is also onsite help for a variety of student, finance and life issues through our Student Link found in the Crichton Library. Trained staff can help you with everything from funding to effective learning, counselling to childcare and exams to employment.

If your problem can’t be fixed internally on campus there are other cross campus facilities that are at your disposable. UWS students can talk to SAUWS and Glasgow students also have the SRC to advise them.

An excellent resource that we at CUCSA, our sports teams as well as individual students have all benefited from is the support of The Crichton Foundation. Providing funding, bursaries and award please look at of Crichton Foundation section to see if they can help you.

Student Representation
Student Link
The Crichton Foundation


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