Microwave, Kettle and Tuck Shop

Microwave and kettle
The student common room was originally directly across from the entrance to the Rutherford McCowan building but has now been replaced by the Rutherford Cafe. Students needing to use a microwave and kettles can come to the CUCSA office instead in Room M8 Maxwell House. Come help yourselves to a selection of free teas and coffees along with a free biscuit!

Tuck Shop

We all have forgotten to bring food to class sometime! That’s why we have opened a Tuck Shop from our office in Maxwell House offering a range of sweets, crisps, pot noodles and drinks.

If there are products that you would like to see in the Tuck Shop, please ask so we can make it available for you through admin@cucsa.org.uk!

We also have a selection of CUCSA branded merchandise for sale in our office.

Price List:
Hoodie – £12
T-shirt – £3
Power bank (good for two charges) – £5
Aluminium bottle – £3.50
Plastic bottle – £1
Mug – £2.5
Ballpoint pen – £0.5
Notepad – £1
Stress ball – £1