Your new CUCSA team

Thank you to everyone who voted in our elections on Monday the 11th.
We can now announce that the following positions have been successfully filled:

President: Henriette Scholz
Vice President (University of Glasgow): Brooke Morran
Social Convener: Iona Henderson
Media and Marketing Officer: Kieran Flood
And Non-Titled Executive Member: Rebecca Mackie

Our new executive members will step into post officially on 27th May joining:

Mature Student Representative: Stephen Thomas Bate
Equality and Diversity Officer: Bob Emmerson
Postgraduate Representative: Christie Laing
Non- Titled Executive Members: Jennifer Sproat, Jonna Rinne and
Executive Member for Sports: Becky Adams

To complete the executive for 2015/16.

There are a few vacant positions including Vice-President (UWS), Secretary and Charities Rep.

Interim elections will be held in the new academic year but anyone interested in becoming actively involved before that time is welcome to contact CUCSA.

Congratulations to the new executive members and good luck for the year ahead!

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