Top Tips for Dumfries Freshers

Heading to uni can be a big step and there’s plenty to keep you busy but here’s a list of top tips from Rebecca Galbraith to help make your first week go smoothly:

4345167407_af5c430708_zUnpack as soon as you can, this helps to make you feel more at home and also ensures you are organised for the start of term. Try and keep public areas free of clutter so as to keep friendly with hall mates and remember to keep track of your valuables. Make sure you lock your bedroom door when you aren’t there to protect your stuff. If you didn’t get a place in halls or you’re living at home don’t worry you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people without having to deal with their dirty dishes. Remember if you have moved to make sure you sign up with the local health services so there’s not a long trek home to see a doctor.

6914319899_86af8e1d89_zUniversity is all about meeting new people and experiencing new things so it’s only natural to be a bit apprehensive. However, don’t be shy and speak to other students, they’ll be just as nervous as you are so don’t panic. Going to the Freshers’ events in Dumfries is a great way to meet not only the people in your year but older students as well. Do not miss the Freshers’ Fair, it is your best opportunity to get signed up with a student club and make an instant group of new friends. Unlike other unis none of our clubs ask for money up front so you get plenty of opportunity to see if it’s for you before you make a lasting commitment. There are number of sports teams who are always looking for new members, as well as clubs and societies for the less energetic student! Jump in and get involved!

2643190902_3fc34fe981_zIf you’re worried, go out in a group cause there’s safety in numbers plus it gives you a bit of a safety blanket to make friends from. Dumfries is pretty safe but during Freshers’ week if you’re new to Dumfries we advise not to go off on your own. It’s still possible to get lost and you don’t what to take a wrong turn and end up having an unexpected midnight swim in the Nith. Having a few taxi numbers on your phone is always a good shout (Here’s one to get you started: Maxis taxis: 01387 255667) Make sure you take cash out before going out to make sure you don’t empty your bank balance on the night and if you do dare to take your card a bank machine may be far away and hunting for one will eat up valuable party time! GIRLS – bring your flats.


Think very carefully about how much money you’re going to spend at Freshers’ (remember your loan is to last you the full term not just Freshers’ Week). Luckily pretty much all the Freshers’ events in Dumfries are free so you’re already ahead!



6817372_054af5f384_zPair up- this will save money and make for more effective spending. Buy in bulk with a group of people for the essentials, but be careful of supermarket offers, they are not always as rosy as they seem. The Morrison’s in town reduces its stock at 4pm so that’s a good time to go shopping. Cook more than you need and freeze it. If you do eat out, make sure you find the student discounts, the pancake place does student discounts on Mondays and Primo Piano gives you 10% off. If you’re not sure ask, they can only say no.
Basically guys common sense is key here folks. Above all folks enjoy your first taste of a uni experience. As long as you stay sensible you will enjoy every minute.

And if you’re not sure of anything just ask! There will be lots of student guides, student association members and staff around during Freshers’, they are all really friendly and happy to help!

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