Student Representation

repStudent Representatives come at a variety of levels and there will be one for your year, your course and maybe even your tutorial group. Reps are here to allow students to give their views on teaching, course content and resources available to them.

If you have a problem with part of a course, have suggestions for improvements or general feedback then pass it on to your rep to be brought up at Staff Student Liaison Meetings. Remember, lecturers like to hear when they are doing things right as well as when there is room for improvement so if you were impressed by a good lecture, if handouts are really helpful or you think a particular course overall is excellent then let reps know so staff can see what works well and apply it elsewhere.

To find out who your reps are:

You can see who your Student Reps are by logging into your Student Voice account which can be accessed via students MyGlasgow login.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Rep for Glasgow please contact Anne Waggot at the start of the year or listen out for announcements in lectures and by checking student emails regularly for updates

Student Reps are nominated from each class group at the start of the year. Ask your tutor if you don’t know who your rep is. If you are interested in getting involved and representing your peers let tutors know early in the year and they will pass you on to the right person. You can also find out more about being a rep and the UWS student council on the SAUWS website.

For information on class and campus representation at Dumfries please talk to you course tutors. UHI students also benefit from a student mentoring programme. You can find out more about this here

Open Uni:
As Open University students most of your interactions will be online but that doesn’t mean you cant have your voice head. For more info on being a rep you can read more here. You should also contact your tutor for more info on becoming a course representatives.

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