Staff Marking Boycott update.

From Thursday the 6th of November, a number of staff from all universities have planned a marking boycott. This will likely affect a large number of students from all our campus universities so make sure you keep an eye out for class or lecturer specific updates.

Below is the most recent update from the University of Glasgow. CUCSA will try to bring you the most up to date information as it is released from the universities and the union representatives.

On behalf of the University of Glasgow Principal , Anton Muscatelli:

“As you may be aware, the UCU union has called on its members to take part in industrial action involving a boycott of assessment and marking. This action is due to begin on Thursday of this week and has been called because of proposed changes to the universities’ pension scheme.

Not all academic staff are members of UCU and not all members of UCU will be taking part in the marking and assessment boycott, but I wanted to reassure you that the university is doing all that it can to minimise the impact that this action might have on students.

We have contacted colleagues to explain why the UK wide pension changes are being proposed and what they might mean for individuals. We have also stressed that talks between the UCU and UUK, the employers’ association, are continuing and that we very much hope that a resolution can be found which is acceptable to all.

We have also asked colleagues to give careful thought to the impact that any industrial action might have on students.

I will write to you again when we have any additional information, but I want to repeat that everything that can be done will be done to ensure that any disruption to you and your studies is kept to an absolute minimum.”

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