Sexual Health and Wellbeing

download (1)Sexual Health is about all of the bits of health and wellbeing that are linked with sexual thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical relationships and how they affect people. Often Sexual Health is only thought of in negative terms such as sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancy and abusive relationships. Sexual Health is much more than just these aspects. 

Websites such as Sexual Health Scotland or C4Urself can provide lots of useful information on everything from practicing safer sex and where to get contraceptive to exploring your own sexuality and how to maintain respect in sexual relationships.

Worried you might have a symptom?

Unprotected sex can have consequences so always protect yourself from things such as STIs. But if your worried there’s plenty of help and advice on offer from a range of sources and any matters of health discussed either with your GP or another medical health professional are always confidential.

Here’s some links to follow to see if you should go get checked out:

Sexual Health Scotland Symptom Checker
NHS D&G Sexual Health Clinics
C4Urself Sexual Health in D&G

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