#DumfriesFreshers – Mon 16th

Its here, its happening, #DumfriesFreshers has officially begun!

What’s on today:

First off make sure you’re getting registered, attending all the right sessions and of course don’t miss the CUCSA Welcome:
11.15 – 232 in Browne House (UWS)
12.15 – 127 in Rutherford McCowan (Glasgow)

15.00 Football Friendly & FREE BBQ
football fieldNo matter the weather we’ll be having our BBQ on the Rutherford McCowan veranda (follow the signs to find us). We’re hoping for good weather but if its pounding rain and driving wind do not fear football players we’ll reorganise our match. Listen out for announcements on Monday to confirm game details.

Tickets for Tuesday’s Black &White Night will be on sale from 09.45 in Rutherford McCowan so keep an eye out for us. £2 for live comedy, a drink and a buffet – now that’s a bargin!

2100 American Frat Party @Wh? Not
Frat Party 2 - 16thWe’re kicking off our first #DumfriesFreshers night out in style with an American twang. Plenty of ice breakers and plenty of fun so get yourself stateside or at least to Wh? Not!

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