GLASGOW UNI Suicide Prevention Training


The SRC, as part of a programme of wellbeing activities for 2014-15, are delivering suicide prevention training at Dumfries Campus on 29th January for Glasgow Students.


The “Mind your Mate Suicide Prevention” course is a half-day training session that equips those taking part with basic suicide prevention skills.


The programme, delivered by Pips Programmes, aims to give attendees the skills to:

  • Identify the warning signs that someone may be at risk of suicide
  • Safely communicate with someone at risk
  • Link those at risk to appropriate support

Although not all mental health conditions lead to suicide, undiagnosed or untreated conditions such as depression are known to lead to thoughts of suicide. Hopefully none of us will ever need to put this kind of training into practice however mental ill-health does not discriminate and anyone can be affected.

Unfortunately suicide is not uncommon in student populations. In wider society suicide accounts for more deaths in men under 35 than road deaths, murder and HIV/AIDS combined. The societal stigma around mental health and the myths around suicide serve only to reinforce isolation and only lead to more harm.

The programme is free and open to all Glasgow students. It will run on 29th January at 10am and 2pm in B232 Browne House, on Crichton Campus. Students can choose which session they would like to attend and each session last approximately two and a half hours.

If you would like any more information, or to express interest in attending please contact Liam King, Vice-President (Student Support) at the Glasgow Students’ Representative Council at or on 0141 330 5360

Anyone looking for support with mental health issues can visit:
Glasgow Uni Counselling Services
Glasgow Uni (Dumfries Campus) Counselling Services

Dumfries Campus Student Link (Open to all students) – Located in the Crichton Library.

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