Financial Funding still Available for Students

UWS & Glasgow University both still have some money remaining in their Discretionary and Childcare Funds, so if you have not already applied this year, and need financial help: apply quickly, now!

You can pick up an Application Form from Student Services, or download one from the University website and hand it in to Student Services. These funds apply if you are a “UK home” student and:

  • you are studying part time, day or evening and need help with the costs of study, like childcare, travel and books
  • Oryou are studying full time and need help with the cost of rent/ mortgage, childcare, or shortfall of income.

(Students in receipt of the Nursing and Midwifery Bursary are not eligible for this fund)

All students are welcome to contact the Student Funding Adviser if they are in need of financial help. We also have information online, and leaflets.

For appointments contact  01387 734279 Student Services, Crichton Library, D&G College Building

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