An Interview with the Satellite Tour

Flyer frontSons and Lovers, Eliza and the Bear and Fred Page are playing at The Venue Dumfries on 14th February 2014 as part of The Satellite Tour, a showcase for new artists taking in many of the UK’s towns that are neglected on the ordinary circuit. The tour runs throughout February finishing in Exeter on the 22nd.

Tom Lillywhite, the singer and guitarist of four-piece London indie newcomers Sons & Lovers explains the appeal of this kind of tour.

“The whole idea of it is that we go around places that people don’t normally tour to. Normally the tours go to six or seven which means that people have to travel a really long way to see the bands they want to see. It restricts music and stops more venues having access to different kinds of bands so it’s a really good idea. As soon as we heard about it, we were really excited to be involved in it.”

The lead singer of Eliza and the Bear, James Kellegher thinks that this is something more bands could be doing saying “It’s a shame that a lot of people neglect these places. I think a lot of bands should make an effort to come because there’s a lot of people here who want to come and see bands and are dying to hear new music.”

With two bands and one solo artist co-headlining the close working environment is beneficial for the band as James describes.

“There’s definitely a community spirit on this tour at the moment. At the moment Fred Page is just playing on his own the acoustic guitar and now it’s slowly  started that he’s playing a cover with the guitarist from Sons and Lovers and our drummer.”

This tour is the first for singer songwriter Fred Page who made his name on the London indie circuit. He’s enjoying working closely with other artists as well as enjoying his creative freedom.

“I’m doing a little collaboration with the other two bands which is a lot of fun for me but my song writing style and the set that I’m playing on this lends itself to a stripped down acoustic set. I enjoy playing on my own.”

While the bands are enjoying every leg of the tour Tom thinks that there’s something special about playing north of the border saying “I know it’s a real cliché to say this but Scottish audiences are literally the most up for it and we can’t wait to play.”

The Venue Dumfries hosts The Satellite Tour on Friday 14 February 2014. Tickets are £4.


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